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Abacus Security Services appreciates how much time and effort goes into planning your special function. Our security guards are trained to ensure that from a safety and security perspective it runs as smoothly as possible. All Abacus Security Services guards are appropriately trained and licensed. They carry the relevant 1A/C and RSA licenses which enables them to work at venues with crowds, and where alcohol will be served. Our guards also carry a current first aid certificate should these services be required by any of your guests during your function.We know how important your function is to you, and invest heavily in training our security guards as a result. All our security guards are trained to treat your guests as though they are part of the family. We believe your guests should under no circumstances be treated with disrespect at any time. We pride ourselves in the delivery of our services, and make it our point to be as indiscrete as possible throughout the function. After all, this event marks a special time for you, your family and your guests, and we take all the necessary steps to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible.

Access & Egress 

As with any private function we understand that people will always want to attend that have not been invited. Our security guards are thorough in working with door lists and only allowing guests on the lists to enter your function. Often a name is accidentally left off the list, or that someone that replied not to attend has plans that change and do end up coming. So as not to upset or disappoint a potentially welcome guest, our security guards will always have a designated person at your function that they can contact should the need arise. If this person gives the go ahead our security guards will happily allow that person to enter.More often than not we find that at the end of the function guests are generally reluctant to leave, especially if they are having fun. All Abacus Security Services guards are trained to assist in clearing your guest from the venue if required, and are there to help them get home safely, to the extent that they will also assist in calling taxis if required.
Security professional at the event
To find out more about how Abacus Security Services can help with your next function, call 1300 743 123 and speak to our dedicated Function Support Team.
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