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Professional Commercial Security Guards

At Abacus we know that the most important attributes of commercial security guards are appearance and excellent customer service. It is for this reason that we handpick our commercial security guards and provide them with on and off site training in presentation, communication and customer service skills.All Abacus commercial security guards are appropriately trained and licensed. They carry the relevant 1A/C license, enabling them to work on commercial premises. They all also carry a current first aid certificate should these services be required by any of your employees, tenants or visitors on site.We know that a guard on site at any commercial premises is the face of your premises and business, and are often on the front line, being the first person people meet when they enter, and the last they see when they leave. They are also generally the first person people complain to when they have a problem, so our guards are trained to remain level headed and deal with any problem no matter how big or small, as and when it arises.

Our commercial security guards go above and beyond, and are happy to perform duties that would generally fall outside the realm of security. Whether it is distributing newspapers to tenants or residents, or dropping something in the mail on their way home after a shift, nothing is too much to ask. We pride ourselves in the delivery of our services, and make it our point to be the best at what we do.

Your Dedicated Account Manager 

At Abacus it’s all about personal service and every Abacus client, no matter how large or small, is assigned a dedicated account manager whose responsibility it is to understand your project and your needs. This keeps everything streamlined and simple; saving you time and energy and ensuring your needs are met on time, every time.

We value your individual needs and ensure we are well placed to meet those needs. Your dedicated account manager, supported by our customer service team, is fully accountable for your business and is your contact regardless of whether you have changing security requirements, need to book a review or query an invoice. 
Professional in discussion with the customer

Quality As Standard

At Abacus Security Services we appreciate that your business is unique. As a result it would be irresponsible of us to plug and play Standard Operating Procedures from one premise to another.

Prior to the commencement at your premises our team of specialists will develop operating procedures specifically designed for your individual needs, based on your requirements. These detailed procedures become the core of our security guards job description for your premises, ensuring your needs are met and hopefully exceeded.
To find out more about how Abacus Security Services can help with corporate security, call 1300 743 123 and speak to our dedicated Commercial Premises Support Team.
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