Lockouts & Evictions

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Sydney Lockouts & Evictions

When push comes to shove, Abacus Security Services can stand and ensure the protection of your people and your property. Lockouts and evictions often bring conflicts and emotions to the surface. Having a professional security team like Abacus on hand to ensure that peace remains is beneficial for your business and all sides of the dispute. All Abacus Security Services guards are appropriately trained and licensed. They carry the relevant 1A/C and RSA licenses which enables them to work at venues with crowds, and where alcohol will be served. Our guards also carry a current first aid certificate in the event these services are required. Talk to our team today about how Abacus Security Services can deliver our experience and professional attitude for your security. 

Quality As Standard

At Abacus Security Services we appreciate that your business is unique. As a result it would be irresponsible of us to plug and play Standard Operating Procedures from one situation to another.

Prior to the commencement at your premises our team of specialists will develop operating procedures specifically designed for your individual needs, based on your requirements. These detailed procedures become the core of our security guards job description for your premises, ensuring your needs are met and hopefully exceeded.
Security professional passing the information to his team memners
To find out more about how Abacus Security Services can help with lockouts and evictions, call 1300 743 123 and speak to our dedicated security team.
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