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Professional security services by abacus

The Professional Security Team

Abacus Security Services Guards are on the front lines of the business. That’s why we invest heavily in our guard’s training, certification and development. Our guards are handpicked; chosen for their strong personnel skills and commitment. They are required to pass a stringent application process prior to employment, which ensures they hold all the required licences and accreditations. Abacus Security Services guards are part of our full time staff, ensuring continuity in service and ongoing commitment to protecting your business.All guards are trained in identifying risks and hazards, and ensuring these risks are assessed controlled or minimised.

You will be sent reports on relevant threat and incident data and our emergency services are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should you need them.Your business manager will manage the guards assigned to your account. Regular meetings and feedback sessions ensure we are able to efficiently adapt to your changing needs. Our unique Abacus Sentinel Programme™ also keeps track of staff license and accreditation data ensuring your peace of mind.

Health & Safety 

Security is a high-risk industry and the safety and welfare of our guards is of the utmost concern. Abacus Security Services has an Occupational Health and Safety system that has been established in accordance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act (NSW) 2000 and the Occupational health & Safety Regulation (NSW) 2001.Each of our guards inducted into this system prior to performing any security work for Abacus or any of our customers. Identification of risks and safe work methods form the platform of our OH&S policy and procedures. Our system ensures the health, safety and welfare of all our staff and is under constant review by management and employees to ensure it provides our employees with a safe working environment.
Safety professional discussing about the security incident
For an expert and highly trained security service, contact our professional team today on 1300 743 123 to discuss how Abacus Security Services can best serve your business’s needs.
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